Telstra Health Design System

Completed in 2017 for Telstra Health

Wireframes/Prototypes, User Interviews, Visual Design, Style Guide

At Telstra Health I developed a design system for a unified UI. I used Patternlab to document UI/UX patterns to promote a consistent experience across web applications and streamline bug fixes and implementation of new features.

I initiated a design review process and ran workshops to bridge the divide between designers and developers on separate teams. I worked with developers removing legacy code and updating with reusable documented components. I also refined the visual design while rolling out the Telstra branding to legacy pages and components.

I ran user interviews and user test sessions with carers and administration staff remotely and onsite. I also spent time volunteering at Mayflower Brighton through a volunteer program offered by Telstra Health ADCC. These experiences provided actionalble insights for product design including device types and prefered orientation, app performance and connection speeds, feature context and user environment.

th styleguide 1

th styleguide 03

th styleguide 04

th example 01

th styleguide 02